Who are we?

A collection of antibiotic-producing microorganisms

The collection of cultures of antibiotic-producing microorganisms of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (KKMPA) is a relatively young bank of genetic resources on the territory of Ukraine.

Our goal

Accumulation, systematization and reliable preservation of genetic resources of microorganisms, as well as their effective use for scientific, educational and practical purposes.

Our tasks

Preservation of existing cultures of microorganisms and isolation of new actinomycetes, myxobacteria and fungi from natural biotopes

Effective use of the available material and technical potential for teaching students, postgraduates and doctoral students on the basis of KKMPA

Study of the genetic and biotechnological potential of microorganisms for obtaining biologically active molecules, in particular, new antibiotics

Commercialization of scientific developments of KKMPA and active cooperation with business in solving scientific and practical tasks

Expansion of scientific knowledge in the field of genetics and biotechnology of microorganisms within the framework of national and international projects

Expanding cooperation with Ukrainian and international research institutions to achieve scientific, educational and practical tasks